A&W Root Beer 1968
Artist: James Geddes

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A&W Root Beer 1968

September 9th and 10th 1966 was the grand opening of Auburn's new A&W
root beer restratrauant on Highway 49 and Nevada St. Three local gentlemen,
Bill Merle, Ray Pickering and Bill Rees opened the business franchise
and it soon became very popular with the locals and travelers.

The A&W management worked with Placer High School students,
headed by Greg Brock Jones. In 1968, the Placer students
organized a sale of tickets for one gallon of root beer. The students
had sold over 500 gallons of r oot beer as of April 18th. The Placer
students took over the A&W on May 11th and ran it for the "Root Beer In"
fund raiser. The students earned $377.46 for the stadium fund. This included the
$269.74 profits of gallon sales!

Jim Meyers won first prize for the most gallons sold and
Dave Miller won second prize. Mike McKay won the root beer drinking
contest by consuming a gallon of root beer in 10 minutes! Second place
went to Louie Rafetto and Time Jones, each consumed 3 quarts each! Fred Waters
won the hot dog contest by eating 18 inches of hot dog in 4 minutes.

The girls in the drawing are from top left to bottom right:
Janet Keskeys, Roxanne Cummings, Teresa Menchinella,
Cristie Hanson, Kathy Marquet nd bottom right Debbie Voris.

James Geddes