“Al Jolson at the State - 1936"
Artist: James Geddes

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“Al Jolson at the State 1936”
Artist: James Geddes

This sketch of the Auburn State Theatre depicts a
scene from May 1936. The Auburn Hook
and Ladder Fire Department was celebrating a
successful election at the time and it appears they
may have had a small parade before their
meeting with invited dignitaries. Notice the scaffolding
along side the marquee which was completed in 1937.

In 1930, the State Theatre in Auburn, was designed
in the modern art-deco style of the time and
could seat about 1,300 people. The opening of
the theater coincided with the emergence of films
with sound. In 1936 the State Theater started
renovation to modernize both the interior and exterior.
A new neon vertical marquee illuminates the
“STATE” sign and is still being used today.

In 1973 the State Theater closed for nearly a
year due to a deteriorating roof. A firm from Redwood
City purchased and renovated the theatre. It was an
extensive undertaking. in 2006 the
Auburn Performing Arts Center purchased the "State"
building and created an Arts Center. The theatre
marquee and street front were restored to the 1937
appearance. In 2014 the theatre reopened and serves
as a performing art center and theater.