“Applegate Motor Court  ”
Artist: James Geddes

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The Applegate Motor Court

The community of Applegate holds many very fond memories
for me. In 1957 I learned how to ride my bike while visiting
family friends in Applegate. Johnny and Sally Neptune
worked at DeWitt with my dad. They were outstanding
hunters and fishermen. Over the years we visited often. I found
a small stream I could fish while visiting and I was also
invited to join the men on occasional trips up to the
Applegate store and bar. Being allowed to sit at the bar
and listen to the stories of hunting trips and fishing spots
was something I still remember to this day. At that time
Fred and Ruth Fry owned and ran the store from 1951 into
the 60's. The Fry's were very community minded and
an important part of the Applegate community.

The town of Applegate has a rich history.
The town was settled in 1849 by Lisbon Applegate.
It was originally called Lisbon. There was a post
office established in 1855 and called Lisbon. The post
master was George Applegate who also owned
and fenced 1100 acres. He had orchards, vineyards,
cider mills, wine presses and brandy makingplus renown
wine cellars.

The railroad deemed the stop as Applegate and the
name stuck therefore being called Applegate from then on.

George Hepborn bought and ran the
first store and post office in 1892. I believe it was up in back
of where the Applegate motel sits today. George rebuilt another
store in 1910 which was down on the main road
that crossed the tracks. and I would not
be suprised if the store was one of the motel rooms or
owner residence.

in 1925 a newer and more substantial store was built across
the street and right on the Lincoln highway. It touted
electric Shell gasoline pumps and even closer to the train depot!
Around 1940 the store was purchased by two business men
that expanded the business and renamed it
The Applegate Motor Court.

James Geddes