“Auburn Hotel 1919 ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Auburn Hotel 1919

This property, across Lincoln Way from the Placer County Bank
and Lukens Hardware was occupied by the Putnam House from around 1880.
The Conroy Hotel took ownership of the Hotel in 1899. In early
1900s the hotel was renamed Hotel Placer. The Hotel Placer burnt to the
ground and in 1913 the plans for the new Hotel Auburn were put
out for bid and G.W. Martin and Sons commenced excavating the
foundation to build the Hotel for around $35,000.00. The
Hotel Auburn had their grand opening on Jan. 31 1914.
However along the way W.B. Lardner Jr. took over the
construction and finished hotel. The hotel boasted 60 rooms,
some suites with baths in the rooms! The entire hotel was heated by
steam radiators from a boiler in the basement.

The Hotel Auburn sold in 1919 and I believe that in the 1920s the name was
changed to Auburn Hotel. You can see the new sign in the sketch and the old
sign still in place on the building itself. The hotel also operated a bus to
transport patrons to functions, meeting and shopping. The bus is on the far right.
Dills Pharmacy and Ice Cream occupied the adjacent business and was very popular.
The Hotel seems to have a number of different owners and the building is an Auburn icon.

James Geddes