“Baxter's Old Fashion Garden & Service Station”
Artist: James Geddes
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Baxter's Old Fashion Garden & Service Station

 This business was located at the corner of Reamer Street and High Street in Auburn.
As far as I can tell the Baxter Station opened in 1924 and sold in 1931.
The Baxter's were well known in Placer County, gaining notoriety
with their hotel, restaurants, bus stop and picnic area in the Baxter community,
35 miles east of Auburn.

Elmer Baxter owned the Old-Fashioned Garden and
Baxter Service Station on the corner of Reamer and High. You could reach
The Garden by dialing 19 or stop in for a snack! During the hot summers,
root beer floats and ice cream kept Baxter’s hopping! Elmer Baxter was civic
minded and was an active member in the town of Auburn. The property
had a small stream in the back of the restaurant which flowed all the
way down under Auburn’s central square and under the Placer Savings building.
The areas on either side of the stream have been prone to boggy soil. This
made it difficult to build on, since the beginning of the Auburn township.

For a number of years there was a “blue building”, as everyone called it,
on the corner of High and Reamer. There were several businesses that
tried to make a go of it there, but the building was small and parking was scarce.