“The Bowman Business District"
Artist: James Geddes

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“The Bowman Business District 1940”
Artist: James Geddes

This is the site of the Bowman Store, the
White Elephant Bar and the Bowman gas station.
This is between I80 and Apple Lane which is part
of the Lincoln Highway and leads into Machado’s.

In this 1940s sketch you can see
Machado’s along Apple Lane and the
big oak tree that still greets people
coming into get fruit, pies and goodies. The
Red and White Store sign is no longer there
and you can just make out some stones from the
quartz faced White Elephant Bar.

George Armbruster’s residence was connected
to the store in back and to the right of the gas pumps.
If I recall correctly the store and post office
were in the store and was still open in the 1960s.

I went to school with Susie Machado and my
mom worked with Barbara Machado at
the Bank of America. For a while I made a
few dollars cutting the lawn around the Machado
home. I always loved looking out over their
orchard and snooping around the old farm
equipment. I got to know Barbara, Gil and
Gary as well as Susie. I doubt there is anything
as wonderful as driving up to Machado’s
and smelling the baking pies!

James Geddes