“Bud Anderson & Old Crow”
Artist: James Geddes

This is an artist print with  either a 16x20 or 12x16 black matting.
Matting is removable if you desire another color.

5x7 prints, magnets and ornaments share this design

5x7 Prints, Magnets and Ornaments 12 x16  and 9x12 prints mounted and matted
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Bud Anderson and Old Crow

One Great American Story of a man who grew up in our back yard and a
Placer High Grad! Bud is a triple ace fighter pilot and ruled the enemy
skies over Germany in his P-51Mustang. Bud is now 99 and put in 30 years
with the armed forces. I HIGHLY recommend spending an hour (in bits and
pieces if need be) and watch Bud tell his story of growing up in Newcastle
and is extradentary life.

Bud Anderson was born in 1922 and raised on the family farm
in Newcastle. As a young boy, Bud dreamed flying around the clouds with
his own set of wings one day. From that childhood dream, he would grow to
become one of the most fearsome combat fighter pilots of World War II,
shooting down more than 16 enemy planes in his P-51 Mustang, “Old Crow”
in the hostile skies above Germany.

Anderson flew two combat tours and 116 missions in World War II, logged
countless combat hours and never once was hit by enemy fire or turned back
from a mission. He went on to command a squadron of F-86 jet fighters in
post-war Korea and, at age 48, flew combat strikes in an
F-105 Thunderchief during the Vietnam War in 1970.

Chuck Yeager writes: "Bud Anderson was calm, gentlemanly, and an
all-around nice guy. But once you get him up in an airplane, he's vicious and the
best fighter pilot I've ever seen!"