“Buster's Bunch - 1928  ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Buster's Bunch 1928

I have treasured this photo since I was a kid.
Johnny gave us this photo in 1958 and told us about
the men and dogs in this photo. I admired
them because I later found out what it was
like to "hunt like dogs!"

When I was very young my dad worked
with a couple who were also employed at
DeWitt Hospital and were long time residents of the
Sierra Nevada's. Johnny and Sally Neptune
knew the area around Dutch Flat and down
Highway 40 to Auburn like the back of their hand.
Johnny took dad under his wing and taught him how to hunt.
I went out with them at 8 years old but I had to stay at the car
while the hunting party (usually 4 guys/and or gals) worked
the dogs and ravines. These guys literally kept up with
the dogs in rugged terrain that was so steep it was
difficult to stand. Two hunters would walk the hogback
then drop into a ravine and flush the deer out
as they walked miles up stream with the dogs
baying in front. Two others (the best shots) would
station at perches up stream in a blind where they
could see the entire canyon.

The shooting position seemed like an easier job,
but remember, they had to pack out what they shot!

This photo was taken in front of the Dutch Flat store in
1928.  George "Buster" Sharon who was the unofficial
mayor of Dutch Flat lead hunting parties with friends
that used to visit every year. One of these men was a
cartoonist who worked at the San Francisco Chronicle.
Kendall Quinn recalls (as a small boy) looking at
Buster's memorabilia with his dad who is the little boy
in this sketch.

James Geddes