“Cal-Ida Retail 1963”
Artist: James Geddes

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Cal-Ida Retail 1963

May of 1947 Cal-Ida Lumber Company had nearly completed the million-dollar saw mill.
The mill was receiving 120,000 board feet of lumber daily. At this time the molding
department, the planing mill and lumber saws were in operation. The plan was to hire
an additional 100 workers for a box factory which will support local fruit ranchers in
the area, a door plant, drying kilns and a sawdust plant. The operation will initially
operate 40 commercial saws with lumber storage  for 20 million board feet of lumber.

June 19th 1947, one of the most destructive fires in Auburn History swept
through Cal-Ida and the Empire Mill Works. Cal-Ida had over 8 million board
feet of lumber burn and the fire caused $450,000.00 dollars in damage. Every fire
department from Colfax to Grass Valley and down to Loomis and Roseville responded.
The Forestry also answered the call. The fire departments were able to save the
$1,000,000.00 plant and $500,000.00 of lumber. Cal-Ida continued to prosper and
became a large employer in the Auburn area. In 1949 the corporation opened the
Cal-Ida Retail store across from the Cal-Ida plant. This was on the west side
of Highway 49 near the railroad trussell over 49. The retail store was a lumber and
home improvement center. My dad bought his paint there and I loved watching the paint
shaking machine on our visits. By 1972 there were many top-rated hardware stores
in Auburn including Edgewood Supply, Lukens, Diamond National etc. Cal-Ida put the
retail store property up for lease.

Reference DHowell