“Caruso's 1958 ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Caruso's 1958

Thank you Mike Ray for helping with the area history behind this sketch.
In 1945 Johnny Caruso opened Carusos ‘s in downtown Colfax
and his cafe became very popular. He decided to build a restaurant and
motel along Highway 40, just 1.5 miles west of Colfax. The new Caruso's
became very popular with locals and travelers between the Bay Area and Tahoe.
The establishment went through a number of upgrades, owners and closures.
Eventually the business became The Canyon Inn and later Dingus McGee’s.

With the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, the state of California
funded a new freeway to the Nevada state line. In 1956 the state of California
passed the Highway Act to improve our highway system. In January 1957, this 5.8 mile
portion of the of the new freeway began. In October 1958 the 4 million+ dollar
freeway section was completed and opened. Completing the new freeway was a
miraculous feat given the terrain of the Sierras and the weather.

Here you see old Highway 40, a two lane highway in front of Caruso’s in 1958.
The freeway was under construction from Applegate to Colfax. The next segment between Colfax
and Magra Road, up 3 mile hill, was also being constructed and completed before the Olympics!

James Geddes