“Champs Steak House”
Artist: James Geddes

This is an artist print with  either a 16x20 or 12x16 black matting.
Matting is removable if you desire another color.

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Champs Steak House

George Harry Champas opened Champs in 1949. A year
before I was born. Champs was our “special dinner”
restaurant. Sitting in the dining room at a table overlooking
the Auburn Ravine, as it meandered its way
under Champs, is a memory I will have for my lifetime.
My mom was thrilled that dad was taking us out to anniversary dinner.
I could easily see how special it was to both of them.
A highlight of my childhood.

Yes I too spent time under Champs and walked the tunnel.
We lived on Prospect Hill just up Andrews Street from Champs.
I walked, rode a bike or got a ride past Champs daily. That
didn’t dim my delight of walking out onto the little
bridge over the ravine. I loved seeing all the happy
faces inside Champs lit by lantern light.
It was like a fairy tale!

When it was first open you could park on both sides
of the restaurant. The main entrance was at the
front corner in the sketch where you see the rock work.
At the time of this sketch Highway 40
had been built. There was a highway 40 crossing in front
of Champs, at the 4 Corners, which was very dangerous!