“Colfax Marvin Hotel 1911 ”
Artist: James Geddes

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This sketch is of the Colfax Hotel which has a rich history.
The hotel was originally known as the Gillen Hotel after
the builder Daniel Gillen. The grand opening of the hotel
was on March 13th 1903. This was the same year that
President Theodore Roosevelt's train stopped in Colfax.

The Gillen Hotel was leased by Fred Marvin who renamed
the Hotel as the Marvin Hotel. Marvin then operated two
hotels in Colfax directly across the street from each other.
Both hotels were referred to as the Marvin.

In 1923 the Marvin Hotel (which was previously called
the Gillen) was renamed the Colfax Hotel. That name has
lasted through the remainder of the 20th century and is
still called the Colfax Hotel today.

In 1911-12 many women were taking part in politics
and they played a major role in the election of 1912,
even though they were not allowed to vote. It took nearly a
century for women to obtain the right to vote.
Finally, on August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the
Constitution was ratified. Women had won the right to vote!

James Geddes