“Movie Day at the DeWitt Theater ”
Artist: James Geddes

This is an artist print 12x16 - ships with a black matting.

5x7 prints, magnets share this design

Movie Day at the DeWitt Theater

DeWitt General Hospital operated as a military hospital during 1943 through 1945. Construction of former DeWitt General Hospital was approved on 25 March 1943, with a tentative completion date set for 15 November 1943. The hospital was activated as Auburn General Hospital on 15 August 1943 per Headquarters, Ninth Service Command General Order 96, dated 12 August 1943. It was designated DeWitt General Hospital per War Department General Order 48, dated 24 August 1943 and confirmed by General Order 122, Headquarters, Ninth Service Command, dated 4 October 1943. DeWitt General Hospital officially opened on 27 February 1944. Its function was "to receive and treat war casualties as well as those from the Zone of Interior posts, camps, and stations."

In an effort to raise funds for the preservation of the theater,
we are donating a limited number of signed sketches to the
 Historic DeWitt Theater Restoration &
DeWitt Community Complex

Sketches can be ordered on our Sketches Page or
viewed at Little Bird Mercantile and the

Placer County Visitor's Bureau. The sketches are mounted
and matted and ready to slip into a 16x20 frame if you desire.
All proceeds will go directly to the "Preserve DeWitt Legacy" for
preservation of the DeWitt Theater.

These local businesses, residents and organizations support the effort to
SAVE the DeWitt Theater:

James Geddes