“Dutch Flat School House ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Dutch Flat School
The first school taught in Dutch Flat commenced in 1865.
In 1875 the district erected a two-story school on Stockton Street.
The main building was 30’x80’ and there was also an anteroom
18’x30’. It was deemed the finest in the county. There
were 51 students in the primary and 57 students
registered in the secondary grades. There were more students
in the Dutch Flat district
than any other in Placer County at this time.

This two-story school house was destroyed by an
arson fire. The new school was erected on the same parcel
and opened in 1901. The sketch is a rendering of
the new school of 1901. This building is still in use today as the
community center.

I was moved by the show of complete respect for the raising
of the flag. A daily ritual, hands
on hearts and everyone reciting the pledge. The importance of
unity and belief in democracy.

Dutch Flat’s population declined in the years after 1898. Hydraulic
mining essentially ended in 1884 with the Sawyer Decision. The fruit
industry rose and fell and except for PG&E and
a few railroad jobs, economic opportunities became increasingly
scarce. By 1962 enrollment was down to 18 students and only two
students graduated from the school. In that
same year the Dutch Flat and Alta School Districts consolidated
and all students started to attend
the school in Alta.

Addition History provided by Jennifer Longnecker
Reference image Sacramento Historic Society

James Geddes