“Palm Avenue School - EV Cain"
Artist: James Geddes

This is a 12x16 artist print with 16x20 black matting on a white wall

This is an artist print 12x16 - ships with a black matting.

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“Palm Avenue School - EV Cain”
Artist: James Geddes

This sketch of Palm Avenue School, era 1948-1949 shows
the school under construction. Note the school’s name
on the building to our right, "Palm Avenue School."
Also, you can see the Fulweiler housing tract across the
field toward Highway 40. Palm Avenue School was
necessary due to the school district growing to 750 students.
At the time, Mr. E.V. Cain was the Auburn superintendent
schools and had that title since 1942. The student population
nearly tripled during his tenure.

The first students arrived at Palm Avenue School Dec.1 1949.
There were 181 sixth and seventh grades students and
the eighth-grade students will move into their new
classrooms after Christmas beak. The work continued
on portions of the plant that were not ready for the students.
There was an additional 41,000.00 for improvements as well.

Everything was going very well for the students, faculty and
school district. A safety corridor was completed to keep students
safe while walking to school along Highway 49. The music
department was active, the sports teams were playing and
 the school had a multi-Purpose room for lunches, assembles
and sports.

Then on January 3, 1953, E.V. Cain suffered a heart attack
and did not survive. The town of Auburn was in shock and mourning.
Schools were out of class in respect, Businesses and civic clubs
halted their activities in respect of this keystone of our community.
There were several memorials for Cain over the following
year or two. He was the pillar of the education community
and missed by so many.

Shortly after his death the Palm Avenue School was
changed to E.V. Cain School. This suggestion was sparked by
Frank Richards, 1-8-1953 in the Auburn Journal