“Emigrant Gap Store 1943"
Artist: James Geddes

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“Emigrant Gap Store 1943”
Artist: James Geddes

Emigrant Gap started as a station for the central
Pacific Railroad prior to 1880. The original stop
had a covered turntable and the entire section of
track was covered with snow sheds. By the 1920's
the snowsheds and turntable where gone. Pacific
Gas and Electric built a lookout for motorist of
the Lincoln Highway on the ridge above the town.
The view took in Bear Valley and Emigrant Gap
and soon a hotel was built. Eventually the lookout
became the location of Nyack with its incredible
view of the Bear Valley all the way to the peaks
of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

My mom and my grandparents lived in
Emigrant Gap in the early 1930s. I have a
photo of grandpa pulling electrical lines
up out of the snow between poles that were
25-30 tall.

The Emigrant Gap store catered to the locals
and railroad workers. Standard Oil provided
a gas pump so it was one stop shopping
including a stop at the post office! The Emigrant
Gap Hotel was operating at this this but
eventually was destroyed by fire. As you
can see it was a favorite place to meet
friends and sit a spell on the porch.

James Geddes