“Firehouse #2 Lower Auburn”
Artist: James Geddes

5x7 prints, magnets and ornaments share this design

This is a 12x16 artist print with 16x20 black matting on a white wall

5x7 Prints, Magnets and Ornaments 12 x16 prints mounted and matted

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Auburn's iconic firehouse is actually the second
firehouse contracted in Auburn. The first was built
in 1888 but moved in 1973 to El Dorado Street.

Firehouse #2 was built in 1891 and in 1957 the
firehouse was moved to accommodate the new
Highway 40 freeway. When I was a youngster I
can remember looking in the firehouse at the
fire trucks and I also remember when it was moved
to its present location.

When my mom was a little girl, her dad left the
family and stayed in the firehouse while separated.
At that time my grandma and my mom moved into
the vacant lawyer's row building. It had no
windows and iron doors. It was rented to them in
exchange for work.