“Forest House, Foresthill 1910"
Artist: James Geddes

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“The Forest House Hotel 1910”
Artist: James Geddes

The Forest House Hotel 1910

In the spring of 1850, miners came to the Forest Hill
Divide in large numbers. There was one route from
Auburn through Yankee Jim's and one from Coloma.
At the junction of these trails, the Forest House
hotel and trading post was built. The height
of mining activity in Foresthill began in 1853
after a winter landslide at the head of
Jenny Lind Canyon exposed numerous
nuggets of gold. The Jenny Lind mine produced
about $2,500 of gold a day for a while, up to a
total output over $1 million by 1880. The combined
production of all the mines in the Forest Hill
area was estimated at $10 million by 1868 with
gold selling for $16 an ounce. Spot price this weekend was
$2,000.00 an ounce!

The town of Foresthill was originally built down
on the hillside above the American River but
the Forest House Hotel was built atop the ridge.
Soon the rest of the town followed suit and migrated
up the hillside to establish the current location. The original
hotel burned down in 1918 due to the practice of building
the town's structures side by side; some sharing
walls like apartments. Once a fire got started, it was
difficult for the bucket brigade to extinguish the flames.

Can you imagine driving the road from Foresthill
to Yankee Jim's then down into the American River
Canyon? Then up the other side to the south end
of New England Mills (Weimar) then on to Auburn.
It must have been an all-day trip with a
50-50 chance of making it!