“Highland Hospital”
Artist: James Geddes

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"Highland Hospital"

Artist: James Geddes

The Highland Hospital was originally the Lubeck Mansion and was built for D.W Lubeck
and his family whom owned the D.W. Lubeck Dry Goods and Mercantile
store in Old Auburn. The mansion itself, built for the Lubeck's in the mid
1890s, rested on a large 13 acre parcel of land.

In 1920 the mansion was transformed into the Highland Sanitarium using its surrounding
splendor to ease the restless minds of the patients admitted. The mansion was optimal
for recovery at any state and acted as a sort of oasis to those who came.

The mansion would continue as the Highland Sanitarium up until the year 1927 when a fire would
challenge the mansions residence and purpose within Auburn. The remodel and
reconstruction of the Lubeck Mansion added an entire wing to the premises and along with the changes
came an entirely new name as well as purpose becoming, The Highland Hospital.

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