“Hill Top Highway 40 Auburn"
Artist: James Geddes

This is a 12x16 artist print with 16x20 black matting on a white wall


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“Hill Top Highway 40 Auburn”
Artist: James Geddes

If I recall correctly, Hill Top was removed in the
early to mid 1970’s. The businesses were
built on the stretch of Highway 40 around
1946-47. Highway 40 went through widening
3 times plus after the fire in Old town in the
1950s the fire house was moved and a new
firehouse was built. That firehouse was also
removed due to one of widening.

This part of Auburn was located between
Elm Street and Russell Road on highway 40/80.
The restaurant was very popular with civic organizations
for meetings on other events. The businesses were
all busy and Fred Tuttle had his business,
Placer Properties next to the Sunset Motel 1950-1955.

I remember there were openings in the
median separating east and west. You
could turn across west bound traffic from east
bound and visa versa. This was changed with the
next upgrading of the highway due to accidents!

James Geddes