“Iowa Hill Supply Company 1908"
Artist: James Geddes

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“Iowa Hill Supply Co. 1908”
Artist: James Geddes

 Iowa Hill Supply Company was based on a melding of
two photos—one of the horses and wagon
and one of the miners getting ready to go
down to the North Fork. Both were taken
around 1904-1911. Marilyn Schwab Carter
was kind enough to share them with me.
As many of you know from my past postings,
the Iowa Hill Supply Company was one
manifestation of what eventually became known
as the “old Iowa Hill Store.” Originally built
around 1854, it survived until 1968. Its history is told
in various posts in the Iowa Hill section of this group.
There are two versions—the “official” one and one
told from the point of view of the building.

Nancy and I lived in Iowa Hill from 1980 to 1984.
It was a special time in our lives. I mined in the open pit,
Indian Creek and high banks. We lived
for a time on Mel Henderson land and Mel and
I would have extensive mining conversation about
the channels running through the Iowa Hill divide.
Ancient channels,  which we had access to in
drift mines, shafts, inclines and were working mines.