“Irish Soda 1956”
Artist: James Geddes

This is a 12x16 with black matting on a white wall

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"Irish Soda"

Artist: James Geddes

This piece is a composite of memories, ideas and a few random photos.
I think many of us frequented Auburn Drug Co as we were growing up in Auburn.
I can remember sitting at the marble counter sipping on an
Irish Soda and looking at all the products and activity.
Of course we all rubbed our fingers into the hole below the fountain head.
Decades of drips wore the holes in the marble counter top and it amazes us still!

The era is mid 1950's. At this time it was Reeves Drug.
I was 8 years old and the teenagers would come in and look
at the latest magazines, laugh loudly then order sundaes!
Wow those sundaes looked great!

James Geddes