“After the Game at Joe's”
Artist: James Geddes

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Matting is removable if you desire another color.

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After the Game at Joe's

I started Auburn Elementary in 1955 and I am thankful of still having
friends from my kindergarten class on Facebook.

Occasionally the class would walk down to the old stonework stage
in the lower area. You could see the Auburn Clinic from
there and the offices downstairs that my dad and I would clean every night.
It was his second job. We stopped the janitorial work when dad got a
job at DeWitt. So it was quite a shock to drive down
Oakwood after several months and seeing Joe’s Frostie!

Doc Lewis and our team always went to Joe’s after our games.
This was something we all looked forward to! Joe’s
had real frosties and the place was packed! This sketch
 is just before Joe Christany put in the Trampolines.
If I recall Joe’s sold to Johnny and Jeanie Ward.  They held a
contest to rename the business and it soon was called Drift-In.

 Growing up in Auburn was the best!

James Geddes