“Lawyer's Row Old Town Auburn ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Matting is removable if you desire another color.

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Lawyer's Row

Historical Landmark
Lawyer's Row - built 1855 by Anderson & Mills -
Many lawyers here through the years
Stars & Stripes paper pub. here 1867 to 1880's by Hart Fellows

This structure has a long history in my family. When my
mom's folks split up in the 1930s this is where my grandma and
my mom lived. Grandma worked at a restaurant in Old Town
and mom stayed home by herself. She described living
in a building that was shuttered with iron doors and darkness.
This is why she would open the big iron doors and play
the Victrola so the entire neighborhood could hear the
music! She would conduct the orchestra and occasionally
would take a bow to the audience that gathered to enjoy the show!

This icon of Old Town Auburn turned 165 years this year,
however the Auburn Historic Design Review voted 7-0
in 2016 to remove the historic structure. It was only a shell of its
original structure and was deemed a hazard. Mr. Fanoni purchased
the property at 299 Commercial St. with the original
intention of restoring it. Visible from I-80 and across
Court Street from the Native Sons of the Golden West in
Old Town Auburn. In 1855 building replaced an earlier
wooden structure destroyed by a fire that swept through early Auburn.

Unfortunately, Auburn has lost one of the remaining original buildings
with a long rich history. An also a history of sitting abandoned for years.
It is a shame that funds were not allocated to the renovation of the building
years ago. It was a registered Historic Landmark... but now it's gone.

At least we can remember Lawyer's Row as depicted my sketch: Lawyer's Row

James Geddes