“Lincoln Ice House"
Artist: James Geddes

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“Lincoln Ice House”

Lincoln Ice House got its start in 1926 when the
Ice House  was moved from Colusa CA
 to Lincoln. The Lincoln Ice and Coal
business started up as a successful business.
At this time the business held ice blocks for
home and business ice boxes.

In 1957 Mic Mc Cartney hired on at the
Ice House at .65 cents an hour crushing ice.
The National Ice company would deliver
ice in 300 lb blocks to the Lincoln business
and then they were cut into smaller blocks.
Then they were crushed and hauled out
to stores and ranch accounts. Mic bought
the company in 1985 and had 7 drivers and
2 office ladies. The business added many
square feet of cold storage and rented out
space as lockers for hanging meat. At this point
there is over 10,000 square feet of storage and cold
storage lockers.

The original townsite of Lincoln was surveyed
and laid out in 1859 by Theodore Judah
along the proposed line of the California Central
Railroad. The name "Lincoln" was conferred in
honor of Charles Lincoln Wilson, one of the
organizers and directors of the California
Central Railroad. The CCRR was planned as
a rail link between the cities of Marysville and
Sacramento. In1861, due to a lack of funds, further
construction on the California Central was temporarily
halted and Lincoln experienced a small-scale
boom as the northern terminus of this new road.
Early 1870s, when rich clay deposits of the
Ione Formation were discovered nearby. This
led to the establishment of Gladding, McBean & Co.,
the pottery for which Lincoln is famous, ushering
in a new era of prosperity and growth.

James Geddes