“Auburn Little League All Stars 1959”
Artist: James Geddes

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1959 All Star Little League All Stars

Back Row: (Coach) Lloyd Beggs, Jim Arbogast, Larry Lipsmyer, William Jensn – (League Pres.), Bill Epperson, Fred Saxelby

Middle Row: Paul Petifer, Tom Owens, John Blackburn, Mike Beggs, Bob Sunada (Coach) Darrel Reed

Bottom Row: Tony Harrington, Dob Donahue, Jimmy Oe, Rex Williams, Phil Olrich

The 1959 Auburn Little League World Series team will forever be remembered in Placer County and Auburn CA.
The All-Star’s record of 13-1 is truly amazing. The team won 13 games straight before losing the last game for the
Championship in Williamsport PA. The All-Star team consisted of the best players from the 4 Little League teams in
Auburn. The team set a record as the team from the smallest community.

I was 9 years old when this All-Star team was playing. My folks followed the team and we talked about
the boys and coaches. The team had northern California buzzing! Auburnites followed them on a daily basis.
Discussions about the team were carried on in every business establishment, social circle and classroom. The
Elks lodge raised the money to send Bob Barker, (the injured player) to Williamsport
with the team. The Community backed the team in any way they could.

The community is still very proud of their team. Even today, I feel as though I am talking with a celebrity when
speaking with a team member. The team will never ever be forgotten. When I started drawing historic
sketches from around the Auburn area, I decided if I was able to reach 100 sketches, my 100th would be the
1959 Little League team. Hats off to the team, coaches, civic leaders and the residents of the Auburn community
for all the support! The team lost their last game but that was overshadowed by their
incredible feat. A once in a lifetime for us all!

This sketch has been in the works for well over a year. With much gratitude, I wish to thank these
persons for relentlessly pursuing information and image references to complete this sketch:

Placer County Archives, Kelsey Monahan, Auburn ARD, Mike Ray, Jim Arbogast and Teiichi Oe.
Scott Maxwell was instrumental in getting this sketch to completion and Randall Fee’s encouragement
kept me convinced that it could be done. Nancy proofreads and is my guiding light to find my way!