“Livingston Building, High Street 1953”
Artist: James Geddes

This is a 116x20 with  artist black matting on a white wall

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Livingston Building 1953"

Artist: James Geddes

This sketch depicts 1953 and we are on High Street. You can
see Holsclaw’s Feed and Fuel on the corner of High and Elm Avenue.
Holsclaw’s started their business in 1931 and many of us went to school with
Holsclaw kids. Their location is across from the Ivy Motel and I believe
Placer Mart was across High St. from Floyd’s.

Floyd Batchelor and his wife Violet ran the fountain. They
were very civic minded and were popular with the Placer and Sierra
students. They also ran the Campus Roost from 1939-1941.
Violet was known as “Mom” Batchelor.

Next to Floyd’s was Hally’s barber shop and Barbara Hudson’s
dress shop. Hudson put on fashion shows in the 50’s and the best dressed ladies
shopped there. The Auburn Bootery started their business in this location
but I believe in 1953-54 they moved next to Penny’s where they became
a prominent business. I always loved getting shoes from the Mancini family.
Nancy loved riding on their little merry go round.

James Geddes