“Midnight Special”
Artist: James Geddes

This is an artist print with  either a 16x20 or 12x16 black matting.
Matting is removable if you desire another color.

5x7 prints, magnets and ornaments share this design

5x7 Prints, Magnets and Ornaments 12 x16  and 9x12 prints mounted and matted
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The Midnight Special

The State Theater opened in Auburn CA in
December 26th 1930, ninety years ago.
The first movie shown was “Sunny”. Later the
same year The Midnight Special was up
on the marquee. There’s been a number of changes
to the facade to improve on the newest Art Deco style.

Most of us who grew up in Auburn have lots of fond
memories! The movies, the buttered popcorn,
sugar daddy’s, Bon Bons and a whole lot more.
Some of us got there first kiss in the State!
Some of us screamed in horror and cried as we watched
heart felt scenes on the big screen. Sitting in the
balcony! Rocking in the loges! Marveling at the colorful
deco lighting. It was our theater and we loved it!

Today the town is still taking care of this treasure and
preserving it for generations to come. The State Theater
is still a very popular entertainment Mecca!

Placer County Museum Archives reference.