“Monte Vista Inn and Annex ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Monte Vista Inn and Annex
We lived for a number of years in the structure across from the Monte Vista Inn.
In this sketch, of times back in the 1940s, it was part of the annex which
had a wing of guest rooms, cabins and a gift shop. The gift shop is where we started
Monte Vista Video in the early 1980s. Much of the building was built with petrified
wood from diggin's along the Lincoln Highway from Gold Run to Dutch Flat.

We got to know the staff along with the owners, John and Abby
& Katie and Larry. Our favorite was a prime rib dinner from
chef Dave Talso, served by Sandy. A slice of fresh Laura Fitch pie presented by Abby,
Alli and Holland was the topper!

Occasionally I would have a couple of stiff drinks from our
buddies Larry Kelly and Doug Kerley! Countless hours sitting with
Doc at the bar and conversations with the locals occasionally required that
I wheel-barrow a few patrons out at closing time. We would put them in our living
room and most mornings they were gone. Living along the freeway in the 80's
was an experience! I used to place a 4'x4' chalkboard out in front
of our video store and try to write catchy sayings that got a giggle or at least a smile.

In 1898 the Monte Vista area was summer resort. The Chester and Monte Vista Mansions also
had cabins and renown cooking and dining service. In 1935 George Novak
added a bar to the existing building at Monte Vista Inn.

James Geddes