“Neff’s Fountain Placer Courthouse”
Artist: James Geddes


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“Neff’s Fountain Placer Courthouse”
Artist: James Geddes
The Placer County Courthouse was dedicated in 1898
and took four years to construct. Jacob Neff, who was
the Placer County Sherriff and then later became the
California State lieutenant governor, had the fountain
 His vision was for people, horses and dogs to have
a place to get a drink. The cost of the project to Neff
was $3000. In my drawing you can see a man getting
a drink and two youngsters at one of three outlets for
people. The large suspended bowls were for horses
and there were indentations in the base were fresh water
was available for animals, specifically dogs.
When I was a young boy I was not able to push in the
water release, it was too stiff. The boy in my drawing is
 pushing the water release for the young lady.