“Old Town Plaza, Auburn”
Artist: James Geddes

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Old Town Plaza 1910 Auburn

My guess on the date for this Old Town Auburn scene and cars is 1910.

The post office is to our left of the horseless carriages and we would be
standing in front of the American Hotel or Shanghai.
The Placer County courthouse is in the background.
At this time the road to the left of Cohen's Dry Goods
and Clothing would be Main Street and the street the cars are
parked on would be Sacramento Street. Main Street was
later renamed Lincoln Way because it was part of the Lincoln Highway
which was completed in 1916 and went from coast to coast.

In 1913, Auburn's Women's Improvements Club erected a
fountain in the center of the plaza where the two cars are in the sketch.
The fountain remained here until 1950 when it was
removed due to the increased car traffic in the plaza area.
I don’t know if this is when the greased pole was started for 4th of July.

James Geddes