“Ophir School 1927-1963"
Artist: James Geddes

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“Ophir School 1927-1963”
Artist: James Geddes

During my lifetime I have heard many stories
about Ophir. As Youngster we would visit the
Doc and Mary at the Santini Ranch for fresh fruit.
I listened to stories told about my granddad working
at the Oro Fino mine before WWII. He worked in the the
mechanics of war ships and when the war was started
 and he was hired to maintain, design and build hoisting
mechanisms at the Oro Fino.

In my high school years I would love to drive the
foothills surrounding Auburn. You could literally drive
for hours between Auburn and Lincoln on back roads.
Baxter Grade was a favorite and so much more interesting
than the freeway.

At one time (1852) Ophir was the largest town in
Placer County tallying 500 registered voters. The area
was named Ophir because it was suppose to be like
the land of Ophir spoken about in the Bible whence
came the gold to adorn the temple of Solomon. In
1853 there was a devastating fire and the town was
destroyed. There were 50-60 buildings lost along Main
Street of the town leaving only two businesses standing.
There was one brewery and the old bowling saloon that survived.

By 1881 the area was noted for the rich quartz veins and
 highly productive gold mines, orchards and vineyards.
The agricultural importance of Ophir was partially
responsible for the population which had grown to 600 in 1881.