“Placer Mart 1954”
Artist: James Geddes
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 Placer Mart - 1954
The Placer Mart was situated on the corner of Elm Ave. and High Street.
As you can see it was across from the Ivy motel. As you look down
High Street toward central square, you can see the Texaco and
Holmes Richfield. Just past the Richfield you see "The Door"
which was a short-lived bar and just past that was Denny's Cafe
on the corner of Reamer and High. Shull's Ford, the Placer County Laundry,
 Purity Market and PG&E can be seen further down High Street.

Placer Mart got its start in 1937-38 and continued until 1967-68 when
it was removed and a new Texaco was built in its place. The store was partially
owned by Cardinal Grocery. Sometimes referred to as "The Cardinal Placer Mart."
Cliff Howard was employed at Placer Mart from the early days and eventually
purchased and managed the market until it was demolished. Cliff did many upgrades
and improvements throughout the years. The market negotiated a parking area
behind the Texaco due to the limited parking in front of the store.

As a young boy, I can remember shopping at the Placer Mart. I believe we were
living on Electric Street, and I was 4 - 5 years old at the time. I don't remember
too much about the store except that it seemed very big. I got lost once and they
took me to the checkout register where my frantic mom and grandmother found
me with tears running down my checks. Of course, grandma wet
her hanky and wiped all the tears away!