“Ray Shull Ford Mercury ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Matting is removable if you desire another color.

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Ray Shull Ford Mercury

Since we are in the neighborhood with Purity Market and the
Union Ice Company I thought it would be appropriate to continue
up High Street. This building is at the corner of High and Reamer streets.
That would be directly across from Bill Prior's Exxon station in later years.

This building was built in 1923-24 by G.W. Brundage for Verne Ford
the Studebaker agent in Auburn. This was a state of the art garage with hydraulics etc.
The garage and sales area were 100 x 100 feet. This took up all the area
between the Placer County Steam Laundry and Reamer Street. Verne opened his
new garage and dealership in May 1924 complete with an orchestra playing at the
 grand opening.

Verne Ford received a 20 year Studebaker pin in 1941 but in 1942 he had
lost his Studebaker dealership and his business had moved to the corner
of Pleasant St. and High St. At that time W.F. Junker took over
the garage and was selling vehicles from this address. Junker was originally
from Oroville and had worked with Ray Shull in that area. Shull became a partner with
Junker in the 1940's which continued until Junker sold his portion of the business to Shull in
1960 and the business became Ray Shull Ford Mercury. Shull ran the business until 1962 when
he sold the business to McLaughlin Ford.

James Geddes