“Reeves Motor Company 1951 ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Reeves Motor Company 1951

The photo is from 1951 so I added a 1951 Dodge pickup and sedan.
I felt it was fitting to include the two attendants checking
the air and washing the windshield as back then this was a
“Service Station” not a gas station. I can distinctly remember sitting
inside the car while young men took pride in their service. This made
a huge impact o my parents which sought out businesses with an emphasis
on service. The Reeves family were pioneer settlers
in Placer County and are noted as Auburn residents in 1874. They settled first in
the Newcastle area from Indiana. Idala Joseph Reeves started
Reeves Motor Company as a Newcastle machine shop in 1909. In 1915, I.J. Reeves
acquires the franchise to sell Dodge Motor Cars. In 1921 the original garage in
Newcastle was destroyed by fire along with a rail car of Dodges. In 1922
the business was rebuilt and the new building was, and still is, one of the largest in Newcastle.
The I. J. Reeves is still visible at the top of the building.
1935 Francis Reeves, son of I.J. Reeves opened a branch dealership in Auburn
and in 1937 the dealership moved to the corner of Lincoln Way and Oakwood Dr.
The location depicted in the sketch. This is across Lincoln Way from
St. Joseph’s Church and school. In 1962 Jerry and
Jack Reeves, third generation, join their father Francis in the operation of
 Reeves Motor Company

Sometime after 1972 Jerry and Jack took other employment and the business was transferred
to another. Today Meritage Motors occupies the corner.James Geddes