“The Rock Creek Grange School”
Artist: James Geddes

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Rock Creek Grange School

In the late 1950s, Auburn and the surrounding areas had been experiencing a growth spike.
The Lincoln Way school and Alta Vista were bulging at the seams. The Rock Creek
area in the vicinity of DeWitt, from Atwood Rd. to Dry Creek, had 400 students being
bussed into the town schools. Bonds were proposed but did not pass until the 1959 bond
was accepted by the area voters. This opened the door to build Rock Creek School on
Bell Road, just west of Highway 49.

While the school was being built, Auburn Union School District was able to avoid having
double school sessions by placing 111 students in the Mount Vernon Grange temporarily.
This became known as the Mount Vernon Grange School in 1960 and 1961.
The classes consisted of a kindergarten class, second grade and third grade classes.

My wife, Nancy Sykes Geddes, was a third grade student who attended the
Grange School. We found no photos and very little info about the Grange School.
I relied on Nancy’s memories in order to sketch what the school looked like and
what the playground consisted of. The Jungle Gym provided an outlet for kids to play.
Nancy lost her front tooth doing a death drop on the bars there. The tooth implant has
been with her throughout her life. Circle games, hop scotch and marbles were played
in the converted parking lot shown in the sketch. In January of 1962, the students started
attending Rock Creek School. Fourteen new classrooms, a multipurpose room
and the school office
were all open for the students and teachers.