“Saratoga Bar 1909 Old Town Auburn  ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Saratoga Bar 1909 Old Town Auburn
This is an unusual viewpoint from the hillside below the tracks
and above Staton’s Shell station. Staton’s was not there at
this time. This is when the 4 corners was the entry into Auburn or departure.

Let’s look at these buildings and see what we can identify.
The courthouse of course, and it’s a good place to start. There were
many residences at this time and the courthouse was only 10 years old. Down
in front you see 3 fellas walking. To their backs is Court Street, Lawyer’s Row
and the top of Commercial Street. To the right of the fellas is the back of
the Orleans Hotel. Below the Saratoga Bar sign is the Auburn Ravine to the left.
I believe the road from Sacramento went to the right of the Saratoga then
in front of the Orleans. Nevada Street is to our left and not in the sketch.
Lowell’s was noted for its famous pickles! Most all the houses you see are gone now.

The Saratoga opened August 10th 1908 and was a classy and popular place. The
Saratoga contracted with the world famous Wunder Brewery! The back bar
is 24’ long and was solid mahogany as well as all the plush furniture in the establishment.

James Geddes