“Sav'n Sam's Casa Adobe 1960  ”
Artist: James Geddes

This is an artist print with  either a 16x20 or 12x16 black matting.
Matting is removable if you desire another color.

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Sav'n Sam's and Casa Adobe 1960

This is a landmark that I have wanted to sketch for a couple years with no luck.
The funny thing is that I found it in some old photographs that I copied while
working at Thayer Douglass and Maidu High Schools. I cannot remember who
brought in a group of Highway 49 photos but I do recall the two of us going out
and recreating the photos from the same locations 50 years later. I remember this because
we took 3 photos from the center of Highway 49, between Bell Rd. and Atwood Rd.
Risky business!!! This student is also who gifted me the photos of Kay’s Frostie,
Gasoline Alley etc...

Sav'n Sam's does not have a lot of history accounted for in the years it was in operation.
I am not good at searching deeds and ownership in the county records. The earliest
I found recognition of the business in operation in was 1958 and those we ads for a
truck that could be seen on the premises. In 1962 "Red" Lyles, the new operator,
had a Gala Event celebrating his new business. I had a Placer County historian
tell me that Sam Gailbreath was the owner, hence the Sav'n Sam's name. I did extensive
searching on this and found that Sam was the Signal oil and petroleum distributor
for Placer county in the Auburn area but nothing about the Sav'n Sam's ownership.

James Geddes