“Soda Springs Saloon”
Artist: James Geddes

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"Soda Springs Saloon"


Artist: James Geddes

This week I departed Auburn and the great old cars for the high country.
Soda Springs to be exact! A wagon full of hides ready to
trade at the Soda Springs Saloon! I would guess this
is a mountain family that traps, fishes and operates
a mining claim to stay alive. A trip to town every other
month and once during winter was a way of life. Rugged men,
honest as the day is long and will give you the shirt off their back.
You can bet the Misses is back at the homestead with the daughters.
The furs fetched a good price back then and a few months
of gold dust would be enough to put in supplies
for the long frigid winters.

Reference is from the Norm Sayler Collection Donner Pass
via Arthur Sommers.


James Geddes