ďSprouse Reitz, Martin's and Auburn HotelĒ
Artist: James Geddes

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Martinís Drug, Sprouse Reitz and the Auburn Hotel 1949

The New Lincoln Way business section which started with a new Post Office
continued opening businesses where the residence of Dr. Wilson
once stood. Carvethís opened followed by Pierre Goss. The buildings boasted very
modern line. Shortly after, Martins Drug contracted with Hollenback who completed the
business structure in 60 days. Martinís Drug store moved from their smaller store on the
Auburn Square over a weekend so no one missed their prescriptions. This was in 1947.

In 1949 Sprouse Reitz also moved into their new business space at the corner of
Lincoln Way and Hillmont and next to Martinís Drug. In 1952 the Auburn Hotel built
the Zanzabar Lounge which touted live music and was open to guests and later it was
 open to the public. In this sketch the Zanzabar had not been built yet.