“Travelers Hotel”
Artist: James Geddes

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Traveler’s Hotel
On the corner of Pine Street and Lincoln Way, Ed Van Giesen and his wife 
had a beautiful home. Mrs. Van Giesen was very busy as a dress maker 
and hat maker and sold her goods from their home. In 1924 Mrs. Van Giesen 
put an ad in the paper inviting customers to the Van Giesen Lunch Room. The feast 
featured a turkey dinner with all the trimmings at their home. Ed Van Giesen 
had been remodeling the home and in 1924 they had 13 rooms and a full 
dining area with a splendid kitchen. This became the Van Giesen Hotel in 1924.

By 1936 the Van Giesens decided to sell their home and the Van Giesen hotel. 
The new owners, I. H. Smith and Robert Burton, did a major update. 
There was a full dining room, a coffee shop, a full bar and another dining room . 
Modern updates throughout! They also leased a parking area behind the Associated 
Service Station. The new Hotel was called the Traveler’s Hotel. The hotel was       
top drawer for many years but as Auburn expanded and the freeway changed the travel routes, 
the Traveler’s Hotel became a local favorite. My grandmother sold eggs and 
veggies to the hotel once or twice a week. I would tag along holding her hand . I don’t 
remember too much about it. The walk through the stinky bar to get back to the kitchen 
left an indelible impression. 

January 30, 1974, the hotel lessee, Mr. Carlson, was awakened by his dog barking and 
soon found the hotel was on fire. Carlson was able to help the 22 people staying 
in hotel rooms to safety. The Hotel was badly damaged and Carlson’s dog perished in the fire. 
The hotel was demolished and the lot remained vacant until 1976 when Hilda’s 
Bakery approached the City of Auburn with a plan to build a cake and pastry shop.
 This was one of the busiest businesses in town. I recall standing in line to get goodies
a number of times. Smiling faces and laughter prevailed inside and out. An auburn gem.