“Union Ice Company 1954 ”
Artist: James Geddes

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Union Ice Company 1954

My dad and I would get blocks of ice here to make ice cream on hot summer days.
It was a real treat to put a quarter in the slot and push the button in anticipation.
I would stand very quietly waiting to hear the block drop and come sliding down the
chute and through the opening. Then came the struggle of carrying the
massive block of ice to the trunk of our car. It was an immediate relief from the heat!

The Union Ice Company had been serving the Auburn area for 40 years prior
to the purchase of the property between Kenmass Ave. and Walsh Street with
frontage on High Street in 1925. The lot was located next to the Placer County
Steam Laundry and in 1926 the Union Ice Company was producing ice in their
new plant. Jim Kenison, Son of A.W. Kensison, who was the original owner of the
Kenison Company, was chosen to supervise the Ice Plant in 1926. the Plant
employed 10-12 men and had a production capacity of 30 tons of ice per day.

The PLacer County Steam Laundry was established in Auburn in 1908. In older
photos dating back to 1900-1910, I have seen a steam laundry across from the
Opera House in central square. F.L. Tripp, supervisor/owner of the
Placer County Laundry built at the corner of Walsh and High Street in 1909 and is
pictured here in the sketch.

On Halloween night 1967 the laundry burnt and it never reopened. At that same time,
the Union Ice Plant property was sold to the Bank of America and the new bank replaced the
Union Ice Company building shown here.

I have looked for a photo of the old Ice plant for years now. I was given 2 reference photos
that I could use to sketch the Union Ice Plant. Thanks to Donna Howell and Jane Mispley
for the references.
James Geddes