“Uptown Parade”
Artist: James Geddes

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Uptown Parade

This one is from the Keith Lukens collection at
Placer county archives. This was in the mid-1940's.
I love all the people onlooking, hands shading their eyes,
as they look across Lincoln Way into the morning sun
on parade day!

Yes, the Buick dealer and garage was there before Penny's!
It seemed a bit strange, as a youngster, to walk into the
Buick automotive repair area with my dad.
There were several cars being worked on in the dark space.
We dropped off and picked up repaired car parts. Everyone in
our family worked on their own cars.

My first visit would have been about 1954. The tire tubes bath
was my favorite! The suspense of spinning the tube around and watching
for the bubbles in the trough had a degree of excitement and
allowed me to interact with my dad and the mechanic. I imagine I was
pretty wide eyed, peering into the greenish water with
iridescence of oil swirling across the surface.

I was actually disappointed when Penny's moved into the garage and
Buick dealer space.