“William Clark Ford 1919 ”
Artist: James Geddes

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William Clark Ford 1919

In 1919, William L. Clark, Sr. opened the first Ford agency in
Auburn, California. The place of business was 984 Lincoln Way.
Lincoln Way made its way through Auburn, as part of the Lincoln Highway.

The building has a Gladding-McBean tile facade on the front which
still remains. The Clark family lived around the corner at 165
Almond Street, adjacent to the Carnegie Library. The garage “hack”
or service truck, is in front of the dealership. The mechanic standing
to the right of the front door is 19 year old William L. (Bill) Clark, Jr.

During this time, the Model T's were off-loaded from railroad cars
at the upper depot at the top of Lincoln Way. The fenders
were off so that the cars could be packed closer together on the train.
The cars were then coasted downhill to the dealership for
assembly. Clark Sr. sold the dealership about 1921
and there have since been a number of car dealerships and
tire stores located there, including the current owner, Meritage Motors.
The gas station to the right was a Red Crown station which was in
front of the Elder home. Eventually the station was torn down
and a Chevron station opened in 1960 by Ted Fowler and later operated
for years by Troy Shideler.

Thank You Linda “Clark” Van Wert for the references, insights and history.

James Geddes